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The Specifics of Preserving Cultural Identity in the Context of Globalization Processes

Olha Mazurkevych, Adriana Skoryk, Inna Antipina, Olena Goncharova and Iryna Kondratenko

Published: 2024/06/01


The relevance of this study lies in the fact that since the time of colonialism and the industrial revolution globalizing processes, encompassing the entire world, have generated many new problems including the issue of preserving a country’s cultural identity. This means that the distinctive features of traditional national and local cultures, with all their linguistic and cultural diversity, can be lost due to the homogenizing effect of globalization. This process can also lead to cultural appropriation, which involves borrowing or imitating aspects of one culture by others, making the original culture less unique. The main goal of the research is to analyze the distinctiveness of the culture as an indicator of national identity in the context of globalization, using Ukraine as an example. The novelty of the article lies in its discussion of what aspects of globalized culture are a good fit for the specific situation in Ukraine, which has one major ethnicity and many smaller ones. To avoid the negative impact of globalization on cultural identity and to preserve the positive aspects of Ukrainian culture, it is important to preserve ethno-folklore traditions and adapt them to the conditions of a modern society, making them serve as a source of cultural and thereby national revival. To preserve the positive effects of traditional cultural identity and ward off the worst effects of globalization, the government and non-governmental organizations can support national-cultural groups and movements and also act through the educational system. This work is practically significant, as all theoretical positions, conclusions, and recommendations can be utilized by specialists to explore new approaches to preserving the cultural identity of Ukraine in the context of globalization and integration processes. Keywords: Globalization, Cultural identity, Russification, Diversity, Heritage protection

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