Sample Articles

Below is a sample of papers that can be downloaded for free.

Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff, "The Rise of Modern, Industrial Society: The cognitive-developmental approach as a new key to solve the most fascinating riddle in world history" [Full Text, pdf].

David Bulbeck, "Principles Underlying the Determination of Population Affinity with Craniometric Data" [Full Text, pdf].

Herbert F. Mataré, BOOK REVIEW ARTICLE "Euroislam: Can Islamic Monotheism Meld with European Secularism?" [Full Text, pdf].

Gerhard Meisenberg and Anubhav Kaul, "Effects of Sex, Race, Ethnicity and Marital Status on the Relationship between Intelligence and Fertility" [Full Text, pdf].

Poruciuc, Adrian, "Historical Implications of a Romanian Lexical Family of Old Germanic Origin (ban, bănat, băni, bănui, bântui) ," Volume XLVIII Number 3, Spring 2008 pp. 353-395 [Full Text, pdf].

McNish, Ian, " Wyrd, Causality, and Providence. A Speculative Essay," Vol. XLIV Nos. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 2004, pp. 329-338 [Full Text, pdf].

van Straten, J., "Jewish Migrations from Germany to Poland: The Rhineland Hypothesis Revisited," Vol. XLIV Nos. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 2004, pp. 367-383 [Full Text, pdf].

Glad, John, "Hermann J. Muller’s 1936 Letter to Stalin," Vol. XLIII No. 3, Spring 2003, pp. 305-319 [Full Text, pdf].

Niskanen, Makku, " The Origin of the Baltic-Finns from the Physical Anthropological Point of View," Vol. XLII No. 2, Winter 2002, pp. 121-153 [Full Text, pdf].

Weiss, Volkmar, "Social and Demographic Origins of the European Proletariat," Vol. XXXVI Nos. 1 & 2, Fall/Winter 1990, pp. 127-152 [Full Text, pdf].