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Ethnic Vigilantism Propensity Index: Evidence from the Russian Federation

Pavel V. Ivanov

Published: 2024/06/01


This study delves into the issue of state fragility, specifically exploring features distinctive to multicultural and polyethnic communities. It examines the potential impact of changes in ethnic proportions within the modern-day Russian Federation, their hypothetical link to the stability of the political system and the functionality of its institutions. To assess whether ethnic diversity contributes to intra-systemic issues, an ethnic vigilantism propensity (EVP) index is proposed as a quantitative measure. The study highlights the importance of addressing ethnic heterogeneity to mitigate ethnic vigilantism and suggests that further research is needed to fully understand these dynamics. The results offer a new perspective on ethnic conflicts by considering insights from human ethology and their relevance to political science and practice addressing political system stability. Keywords: Ethnic conflict, Political stability, Ethnic vigilantism, Russian Federation

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