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Being South African of Indian Descent: The Intersection of Push and Pull Factors that Impact on Migration of Medical Professionals

Soomaya Khan


Published: 2024/03/01


This study examines the perceptions of migration among a sample of potential South African Indian medical graduate migrants in Durban, South Africa. The perceptions of migration of South African medical graduates to more developed nations were assessed in terms of the push and pull factors. Aspects that constitute the core of this study include a) perceptions about migration, b) who migrates, and c) how decision-making occurs. Using purposive sampling, 20 male and female graduates of Indian descent were recruited to participate in this study. The study aimed to capture and highlight the complexities of the perceptions of migration through the use of in-depth interviews. The findings of this study reveal that these medical graduates’ reasons for wanting to migrate include the following push factors: poor working conditions, job dissatisfaction, low remuneration, long working hours, lack of resources, crime, and challenges facing the South African economy. Most of the participants are keeping their options open about seeking employment outside South Africa and will consider the Commonwealth countries and developed nations as the host country. Keywords: Migration, Push factors, Pull factors, Medical graduates

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