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Political Implications of Genetic Inequality: Attitudes, Values, and Culture Need to Change. A Commentary on R. I. Green: Policy Implications of the Genetic Hypothesis and Race

Gerhard Meisenberg


Published: 2023/12/01


This is a commentary on the recent article in this journal entitled Policy Implications of the Genetic Hypothesis and Race by Ralphin Green (2023). The commentary endorses most of the author’s policy proposals, and adds further considerations about the nature of policy choices in America and other modern societies. The emphasis is on policy preferences that are ultimately rooted in human psychology, historically grown elite ideologies, and self-serving pursuits within the ruling elites. These determine the “Overton window” of acceptable policy choices. The commentary looks at policies both within and outside the Overton window. Many of the more beneficial policy options are found to be outside the Overton window, suggesting the need for changes in the political culture of the United States and other Western countries. Also the “educational” effects of policy choices are noted, especially the problematic promotion of “race consciousness” by salient race-based policies. Keywords: Affirmative action, Race-based policies, Critical Race Theory, Overton window

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