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The Security-Development Nexus in Post-Conflict North Waziristan: Development Initiatives and Their Implications for Sustainable Peace

Muhammad Makki and Waseem Iftikhar


Published: 2023/09/01


This study examines the complex relationship between security and development, referred to as the security-development nexus, in the post-conflict environment of North Waziristan, Pakistan. North Waziristan is characterized by complex governance challenges, cross-border terrorism and indigenous terrorism, making it an ideal case for examining the multifaceted nature of the security-development nexus. In this post-conflict context, the study focuses on four important facets of the security-development nexus. First, it depicts the context in which multiple stakeholders engage in ’development’ as a practice. This detailed mapping facilitates a profound understanding of the landscape of development and its vast array of influencing factors. Second, the research investigates the practical implementation of the security-development nexus in societies that have recently emerged from conflict. The analysis reveals the complexities of implementing the nexus in a post-conflict setting and critically examines the approaches employed by security and development actors to effectively address the complex challenges and meet local requirements. Thirdly, the study examines the practical positioning of security and development actors by elucidating their strategic orientation. It examines the intricate strategies, alliances, and conflicts that emerge as diverse actors navigate the complex terrain of the security-development nexus, thereby influencing the developmental outcomes in post-conflict settings. The study concludes by examining the broader effects of the nexus on the sustainable peace in North Waziristan. By analyzing the power dynamics and transformations that occur as a result of the interaction between security and development, the present research demonstrates how these dynamics impact the overall peacebuilding process in the region. It argues that a comprehensive understanding of the consequences is of paramount significance when formulating policies to foster sustainable peace. Keywords: North Waziristan, Post-conflict development, Security-development nexus, Sustainable peace, Terrorism

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