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The Effectiveness of Spiritual Group Therapy on Resilience in Mothers of Children with Learning Disabilities

Mehdi Sharifi, Sakineh Saeidi, Faten N. Al- Zaben, Mahboubeh Dadfar and Yahya Turan


Published: 2023/09/01


Several studies have found that spiritual interventions have positive effects on health outcomes. The study examined the impact of spiritual group therapy on resilience in mothers of children with learning disabilities. Thirty participants were selected at the Golestan Rehabilitation Center in Gorgan city, Iran. They were non-randomly divided into experimental and control groups. The experimental group received twelve sessions of spiritual group therapy. The mean resilience scores in the experimental group were significantly higher than the control group post-intervention. It is concluded that spiritual group therapy may increase resilience in mothers of children with learning disabilities. Keywords: Spiritual group therapy, Resilience, Mothers, Learning disabilities, Religion, Iran

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