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A Multimodal MRI-based Predictor of Intelligence and Its Relation to Race/Ethnicity

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard and John G.R. Fuerst


Published: 2023/03/01


We used data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study to create a multimodal MRI-based predictor of intelligence. We applied the elastic net algorithm to over 50,000 neurological variables. We find that race can confound models when a multiracial training sample is used, because models learn to predict race and use race to predict intelligence. When the model is trained on non-Hispanic Whites only, the MRI-based predictor has an out-of-sample model accuracy of r = .51, which is 3 to 4 times greater than the validity of whole brain volume in this dataset. This validity generalized across the major socially-defined racial/ethnic groupings (White, Black, and Hispanic). There are race gaps on the predicted scores, even though the model is trained on White subjects only. This predictor explains about 37% of the relation between both the Black and Hispanic classification and intelligence. Keywords: Machine learning, Elastic net, Race, Intelligence, MRI

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