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Religion and Women in Kazakhstan: A Sociological Analysis

Aigul A. Beissenova, Baizhol I. Karipbayev, Galiya R. Seifullina, Kuanysh M. Sissengaliyev and Pavel P. Solochshenko


Published: 2022/06/01


In this article, the authors focus their attention on the influence of religion on the lifestyle of modern Kazakhstani women. The sphere of activity of religious organizations in Kazakhstan has expanded in recent years. The emergence of centers of radical religious communities is observed, non-traditional religious beliefs and pseudo-religious organizations have begun to take shape. This study investigates the influence of religion as a social institution on changing the worldview and lifestyle of women in the context of this religious renaissance. Using a survey of religiously involved women, it seeks to determine how women and girls in Kazakhstan position themselves towards religion, how important identification with one religion or another is for them, what influence religious institutions have, and how they are perceived by women and girls. The questionnaire used in our survey consisted of several blocks. It was concluded that the findings in the Muslim sample reveal the same kind of religious values that are also observed in Christian samples from Western countries. Key Words: Gender equality, Family, Lifestyle, Religion, Socialization

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