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Regional Differences and Sex Differences in English Performance of 15-Year-Old Jordanian School Children

Ismael Salamah Albursan, Gerhard Meisenberg, Salaheldin Farah Attallah Bakhiet and Mohammad Farhan Al. Qudah


Published: 2022/06/01


This study presents the results of a standardized English examination that was administered nation-wide to 24,343 grade 8 primary school students in Jordan in 2016. The large majority were from public schools. Not only those from private schools, but also those from UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency) schools scored higher than those from public schools. Overall, girls scored higher than boys although boys outscored girls in coeducational public schools. Regional differences were of moderate magnitude and paralleled socio-economic development, with slightly lower scores in the South than the North and lowest scores in the East. Results are discussed with regard to school quality, regional development, and gender equity in Jordan. Key Words: Jordan; Education; Coeducation; Sex difference; Achievement test; English; Regions

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