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National Variations in CAG Repeats of Men’s Androgen Receptor Gene: A Tabulated Review

Lee Ellis, Anthony W. Hoskin and Hasan Buker


Published: 2021/03/01


As the mediator of androgen actions, the androgen receptor (AR) plays a central role in establishing both physical and behavioral sex differences. The AR gene contains a CAG repeat polymorphism that is related to the strength of androgen actions on target tissues and that is correlated with various health-related conditions, especially prostate cancer and infertility. Some studies have also linked the number of AR CAG repeats with behavioral and mental health factors. The present study provides a tabulated summary of the average number of AR CAG repeats for males according to the countries in which each study was conducted, thereby allowing future research to correlate national average AR CAG repeats with national variations in physical, medical and behavioral traits. Findings are summarized in two tables. The first table lists results from each of 187 studies of a total of 57,826 research participants according to the country in which each study was conducted. In the second table, the results from the first table are condensed down to the average number of AR CAG repeats for each of the 78 countries from which samples were drawn.

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