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Mating Strategies: Exploring Sex Differences and Similarities in the Greek Cultural Context

Menelaos Apostolou


Published: 2021/03/01


People employ at least three strategies when they engage in mating: They look for a long-term partner (long-term mating strategy), short-term partners (short-term mating strategy), or a long-term partner along with casual extra-pair ones (mixed mating strategy). The current research examines the degree to which the two sexes diverge in the adoption of these strategies. In an online sample of 2,307 Greek-speaking participants, it was found that men were more likely than women to prefer a short-term strategy or a mixed strategy rather than a long-term strategy. However, the two sexes were similar in that large majorities of both preferred a long-term strategy. It was also found that a short-term strategy was preferred more frequently by younger than by older participants, and a mixed strategy was reported more frequently by married participants than by those who were in a relationship or who were single.

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