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Role of Women in Family Conflict Resolution: A Perspective of Women Living in the Inner City of Durban, South Africa

Beatrice Samson Umubyeyi and Oliver Mtapuri


Published: 2021/03/01


This article assesses the role of women in family conflict resolution from the perspective of women living in the inner city of Durban. The paper is based on participatory action research. Data was collected using focus group discussions (FGD) with 16 women aged above 30 years. These women were selected randomly through snowball sampling. The findings from the study show that women felt that they were actively taking part in family conflict resolution. This is seen as a result of the shift in gender relations and women’s empowerment. The findings also show that while women felt that they were active participants in the process of family conflict resolution, their participation is restricted, to some extent, by persisting male dominance which leaves limited space for women to participate in it fully. Cultural beliefs and gender inequality were at the center of the impediments to full participation by women in family conflict resolution. Despite these challenges, the participants believed that women are making a positive impact in resolving family conflict. The article posits a number of hypotheses that may inform practice.

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