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Can You Marry a Foreigner Yet Still Be Ethnocentric? A Response to Cofnas’ Criticisms of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique

Edward Dutton

Published: 2019/03/01


Cofnas (2018b) has critiqued Dutton’s (2018) proposition that Jewish involvement in Leftist, Western-tradition/nationalism critiquing movements may partly be attributed to relatively high Jewish ethnocentrism, rather than exclusively to relatively high Jewish intelligence. Here, I present the background to what has become a heated debate, and proceed to show that (1) there is compelling evidence that humans act, even in mundane tasks, in their genetic (and specifically ethnic) interests, and (2) Jews are relatively high in ethnocentrism and high levels of Jewish exogamous marriage do not undermine this because (a) marriage is an isolated measure of ethnocentrism; (b) Jewish-Gentile marriages are relatively unstable, implying a low level of bonding and so not implying low Jewish ethnocentrism; and (c) high exogamous marriage would be consistent with the kind of majority-embracing group strategy proposed in MacDonald’s (1998) Culture of Critique model. Given these empirical observations, I conclude that (3) MacDonald’s model makes testable predictions and is potentially falsifiable. It should now be tested more extensively and systematically.

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