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Differences in the Intelligence of 15 Year Olds in 42 Provinces and Cities of the Russian Federation and Their Economic, Social and Geographical Correlates

Richard Lynn, Helen Cheng and Andrei Grigoriev


Published: 2017/06/01


This study reports data for the intelligence of 15 year olds in 42 provinces and cities of the Russian Federation assessed in the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and their economic, social and geographical correlates. It was found that the average PISA scores of the provinces and cities were significantly correlated with the scores on the Unified State Examination in 2014 (r = .53, p<.001) reported by Grigoriev et al. (2016), with literacy rates in 1897 (r = .50, p<.01), with the percentage of ethnic Russians in the population, and with latitude and longitude showing that PISA scores were higher in the more northerly and westerly provinces.

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