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Ethnic and Racial Differences in Conduct Disorders and Psychopathic Personality/Anti-social Personality Disorder

Richard Lynn and Helen Cheng


Published: 2014/12/01


Data are presented for a representative sample of 8,272 7 year-old children for a measure of behavioural difficulties in white, black, South Asian and Chinese children in the United Kingdom. The results showed that black children had more behavioural difficulties than whites, South Asian children had about the same behavioural difficulties as whites, while the Chinese had fewer behavioural difficulties than whites. The behavioural difficulties are interpreted as a measure of conduct disorders which are a frequent precursor in children of psychopathic personality/anti-social personality disorder in later adolescence and adulthood. The results are interpreted as a confirmation of previous studies showing that psychopathic personality/anti-social personality disorder is higher in blacks than in whites and lower in Chinese, and is also higher in South Asians than in whites.

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