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Healthcare in the Roman Province of Moesia Inferior

Dan Aparaschivei


Published: 2012/09/01


The present article, which outlines a part of daily life in the Roman province of Moesia Inferior, focuses on aspects that have scarcely been treated so far by historians, namely on healthcare and on practitioners of medicine both in civil communities and in the army. This author examines the dissemination of medical practices in the cities of the province and in the castra. For civil medicine, the archaeological evidence, from the Greek cities especially, is consistent with the information from epigraphic monuments. Tombs of physicians display an image of that profession in the era of glory that Hippocratic arts enjoyed in the Lower Danube area. They show, to a great extent, the level of complexity achieved by the treatment of certain diseases, which spread also to vocational training centers. Last but not least, as pointed out by this author, the Roman troops that were quartered in castra and castella of the province Moesia Inferior also benefited from specialized medical care.

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