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Norms and Sex Differences for the Standard Progressive Matrices in Libya

Alsedig Abdalgadr Al-Shahomee and Richard Lynn


Published: 2010/09/01


Results are reported for a standardization of the Standard Progressive Matrices in Libya. The sample consisted of 1800 children, comprising 180 (90 boys and 90 girls) for each year of age for 8-17 year olds. The test had high reliability and adequate validity. Factor analysis revealed the presence of a strong general factor interpreted as Spearman's g. Girls obtained a significantly higher mean than boys at age 10, while boys obtained higher means at ages 15 through 17. The variability was generally greater among girls than among boys. In relation to British norms, the sample obtained a mean IQ of 82.7, which is reduced to 78 if an adjustment is made for a Flynn effect increase in Britain of 2 IQ points per decade. The younger Libyan children performed better than older children, relative to British norms.

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