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Body Build Structure of Young Female Volleyballers (Aged 13 - 16) and their Performance in Competitions

Raini Stamm


Published: 2004/06/01


The present paper studies the anthropometric structure of 46 young female volleyballers (aged 13 - 16 years) - 49 basic measurements, including 11 skinfolds, and the significance of the anthropometric factor in predicting proficiency in the game The proficiency of 32 players at competitions was assessed by an original volleyball recording computer program Game. The regularity of the body as a whole, interconnections between all the characteristics, and the fact that all the characteristics could be determined by height, weight and age (within 20-90%) gave reason to believe that, in principle, all the body characteristics measured could be applied to describe the players' peculiarities of body build necessary for accomplishing volleyball tasks. The index of proficiency that was used to describe players' proficiency in the game correlated statistically significantly with 14 basic measurements. The linear models composed of these enabled us to predict the efficiency of serve within 32%, efficiency of reception within 50% and, very reliably, the efficiency of block, feint and attack within 80%, 83% and 71% respectively.