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Future Human Evolution

John Glad


Published: 2003/06/01


The article argues that humanity's current reliance on an economy based on resource depletion will necessarily be disastrous for future generations primarily because the main resource being depleted is the availability of human genomes capable of providing the level of intelligence, altruistic behavior, emotional balance and general physical health required to maintain the advanced and dangerously unstable economic and technological systems on which homo sapiens currently largely depends. The author seeks to demonstrate that biological variety among homo sapiens is highly extended and that current policies and attitudes are rapidly creating a disadvantaged lower caste of humans possessing levels of intelligence, altruistic instinct, emotional balance and general, physical health too meager to compete and participate in world society with the emerging leading group of humans: a group which only supports its own existence by constantly recruiting the lower caste's most talented into its more fortunate ranks. The papers draws attention to the injustice of this situation and also to the looming crisis that will result from the way in which this system rewards the most talented for failing to reproduce even in sufficient numbers to replace themselves while at the same time stripping the highly fertile, less materially fortunate gene pools of their highest capability genomes. The paper argues that only by embracing altruistic eugenic programs and turning from resource depletion strategies will mankind escape the cruelty of Darwinian natural forces which will otherwise unthinkingly rectify a sustainable balance when our complex and fragile economies and societies collapse due to these demographic trends.