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The Mankind Quarterly was first published from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom in the year 1961. Publication was transferred to the United States in 1979. It is now in its 53rd year, and is currently published from Washington, DC, by The Council for Social and Economic Studies. For more information, see About The Mankind Quarterly.

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Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 54, Nos. 3 and 4 (Spring-Summer 2014)

Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff The Rise of Modern, Industrial Society The cognitive-developmental approach as a new key to solve the most fascinating riddle in world history
James R. Flynn The Folly of Writing History without a Cognitive Dimension

Richard Lynn

The Role of Universities in the Rise of Modern Industrial Society
Gerhard Meisenberg What Are the Causes of Cognitive Evolution? A Critique and Extension of Psychogenetic Theory

Tatu Vanhanen

There is a Theory, but Can it be Tested?
Michael A. Woodley and Aurelio José Figueredo The Biosocial Model of the Rise of Western Civilization: A counter-point to Oesterdiekhoff (2013)
Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff Can Childlike Humans Build and Maintain a Modern Industrial Society?
Salah Edin Farah Attallah Bakhiet Local Norms for Some Subtests of the Third Version of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-III) in Gifted Schools in Khartoum
Jelena Cvorovic and Richard Lynn Intelligence and Reproductive Success of Bosniaks, Serbs and Roma in Serbia
Edward Dutton, Richard Lynn Regional Differences in Intelligence and their Social and Economic Correlates in Finland
Richard Lynn A Study of Intelligence in Cambodia
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